Saturday, June 23, 2012


Friday lunch didn't happen till about 3:30pm at a cafe called Jo-li-me setup very much like Panera but owned by a local who also has an ice cream shop, a bar/restaurant and big ass greenhouse. I ordered a Bella Basil sandwich with portabellas, roasted peppers, a little mayo and the tomatoes and onions from Garrisons sandwich. Weird though... it didn't have any basil on it. It came with a nectarine. Oh. And. I....had a rootbeer too. It had been a long day. Either way, I was full after finishing my soft drink and half my sandwich so I bagged the rest to go.About an hour later I was hungry for the rest of it so I chowed down. Dang those fizzy drinks!

Then what happened....

Oh I was left my myself watching Hulu. I was going to go to bed at 9pm but....I ate dinner instead. Left over whole wheat farfalle with celery pesto, the remains of Wednesday's skewer and a pit of parmesan cheese. Ah and maybe like 1/4 glass of wine!

Then I proceeded to embark on the very odd journey of dehydrating almond pulp in a 170 degree oven which took like TWO FLIPPIN HOURS! It was well after midnight when I ended up in bed.


Now I just pulled a pan out of the oven in which are the brownies that I just made this morning with said almond pulp. It shall be part of my breakfast :) I made it with egg and butter so it makes my day not vegan but I can at least aim for a vegetarian day.

12:45pm Haven't had anything besides, water, coffee and 8 square inches of these almond brownies whose texture I'm not a fan of...but the fact that they only have 2 tbsp of honey in them makes me feel pretty good.
I'm about to work out so I'm going to eat a my left over nectarine from yesterday.

1:30pm WORST WORKOUT EVER! I hate my gym and I'm quitting. I know they recommend eating right after you finish a workout but I'm just not hungry. I'm working on making sure I don't eat when I'm not hungry so I'm not gonna eat.

1/2 cup of quinoa
some chopped carrots and celery
some black beans
some apple butter bbq sauce which probably has more sugar than I'd like to admit. But I do like barbeque sauce!! Maybe I'll try to make some without sugar sometime. Actually I just looked at the ingredient list and it has butter, eggs, and anchovies. So this day was not vegetarian.

5pm: I was still hungry after my late lunch but I didn't really do anything about until 5 when the hunger cranked up a lot. I was looking at tacos on Pinterest and I REALLY wanted a taco. I wasn't about to wolf down some crazy amount of meat and cheese though so I got creative.

I took my quinoa that was in the fridge and threw it in my liiiittle saute pan with some coconut oil, garlic, chilli powder and chipotle powder. To juice it up, I added a few drops of my veggie broth to the pan. I wrapped my quinoa taco "meat" in a terrible ChiChi's whole wheat tortilla (which is vegan but also HIGHLY processed) along with some avocado, sweet onion and shredded organic greens.

I had two quinoa tacos and that kept me full for the rest of the night. I had about 2/3 of a beer when Garrison returned and sneaked a few nibbles of almond brownie while he sampled them and then had one bite of a home made whole wheat tortilla after I made it.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Stew Beef... rather chewy. But I didn't tell you that yesterday because I was in a funk. Now I have to outline Wednesday night, all day yesterday and today so far.


For dinner, we grilled skewered onion, yellow zucchini, crimini mushrooms, organic green pepper, and organic grass-fed stew beef cubes served over organic quinoa. I was proud of myself for stopping the moment I realized I was full but then a couple hours later I was hungry again. Damn grains.

So around 9:45pm Garrison and I shared half a Hershey bar and peanut butter sandwich.


My breakfast smoothie was a little over 8oz almond milk, 1/2 a banana, a few frozen peach slices, a small handful of greens, and a tablespoon of chia seeds. As I poured it into the glass I got really nervous because it only was half as full as yesterday (insert glass-half-full joke). So I supplemented breakfast with a toasted (homemade) whole wheat waffle spread with crunchy natural peanut butter I ate that first because it tasted good with my coffee. Before I could finish my smoothie, I was FULL! Like nearly stuffed! But I kept slurping because I knew a full stomach now meant I'd be more resistant to the snacks at work.

Let me tell you...there was a flippin' buffet when I arrived. Muffins, donuts and warm white Italian bread. I didn't touch a thing...

...well not till lunch when I caved in and sliced some butter topped bread to go with my salad. Three slices. The Real Food Police have a warrant out for my arrest. But at least I stayed away from the more sugary options for the rest of the day. I almost grabbed a strawberry. I could tell me looking at them and knowing they were purchased at Wegmans that these were locally grown strawberries but not organic. They were definitely all small and shriveled. I did not eat it.

But 4:50pm was nectarine time.

5:30 Dinner- Black Bean Huevos Rancheros.

I heated a little bit of coconut oil in the cast iron skillet (coconut oil is supposed to do better with high heat so I'm trying to convince my wonderful boyfriend to switch to coconut instead of olive oil when we use the high-heat retentiveness of cast iron). I had soaked then boiled dried black beans. I added chopped sweet onion, organic green pepper, minced garlic AND a minced habanero pepper! These little buggers are small but mighty! After sauteing my vegetation a little all of a sudden my eyes started watering and I was COUGHING! Through the trauma I managed to add a cup of the beans. I felt like I was breathing straight up pepper gas. The fan was cranked up but we were still dying in the kitchen! I got so nervous we'd eat this and be breathing fire the rest of the night.

I whisked up 3 eggs (only one of which was cage-free, organic) with a splash of cow's milk (boo. I mean moo) and poured that into the skillet. This was when Garrison decided to join the cooking party (he was working on something before) to flip the egg mass.

This fearful mixture was wrapped up in a ChiChi's "whole wheat" tortilla whose ingredient list is longer than my hair...but what can I do? I tried making 100% whole wheat tortillas before and the results were not ideal. Oh yes, and they were topped with taco cheese.

My next endeavor will be getting Garrison away from yellow and shredded cheeses because of the artificial coloring and wood pulp additives. It's fun for him to shred block cheese anyhow.

I ate two of these without turning into a dragon, thank God! I was definitely sated by the end of the meal and I did not get hungry again that night until about 11pm when I was lying in bed unable to sleep. Ugh.


7am Black coffee and a smoothie: 10ish oz of almond milk, 1 tablespoon of chia seeds, a WHOLE banana this time, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, about 8 leaves of various greens, a dash of stevia, and maybe a couple tablespoons of cocoa powder (I didn't measure). It filled my glass AND me all the way up!

Oy, that was long.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Hump Day

Last night I made my eggplant parm but it wasn't vegan this time as I used egg for dredging. It worked soooo much better!

I had maybe a total of 3/4 ww farfalle topped with 2 eggplant disks dredged in whole wheat flour, egg, and then whole wheat bread crumbs then baked in the oven (I skipped the deep frying). Then I topped it with about a half cup of sauce I made from a can of organic crushed tomatoes and non organic seasonings. A glass of wine was served with dinner :) I was not stuffed when I took my last bite. YAY! So I wasn't hungry later...but I wanted food. WTF? I had to empty the almond pulp out my mesh strainer because I had needed it for my veggie broth.In the process of doing so, I dipped a triscut in to see how it would taste. Too grainy. Not enough flavor. So that ended that. I had another ounce (maybe) of red wine and went to bed.


7:20- Smoothie with more enhancements. I usually use 8oz but I had about 10oz left so I dumped that in. I usually just sprinkle a touch of chia seeds. This time I measured a whole tablespoon and threw that in along with one banana, 3 tablespoons of natural peanut butter and perhaps 8-10 baby leaves of whatever is in my mix. IT WAS DELICIOUS! So thick and jelly from all the chia seeds and the greens blended with the room temp banana so much better than it does with frozen fruit. It's about a quarter till 9 and I'm still sated. I'm hoping that the giant smoothie staves off irrational mid morning hunger that drives me to eat some glaring members of the dirty dozen sitting on the kitchen tables.

I made it until Lunch! Wahooo!!
I didn't snack at all nor was I tempted to until about 11:45am so I knew I just needed to hold out another 15 minutes for lunch.

Lunch was eggplant parm leftovers with two slices breaded eggplant. I stopped eating when I was sated, not full. But now I'm sitting at my desk and I feel full. This tells me I could stand to eat less. And slower. 

Tonight's dinner plan is organic grass fed beef skewers with onion and an organic green pepper. I picked up the beef from Wegmans when it was marked down for quick sale and froze it.

I have a class I'm going to tonight and I'm not sure if there will be food or snacks but if there are, I'm staying away from the table. If there are just drinks, I might have some brewed tea but it's so hot here I probably won't want to.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Rest of Yesterday and Today

I didn't end up eating the greens but I did drink my defrosted smoothie. I made it a while ago with avocado, banana, peanut butter, chia seeds and *I think* some sweetener like stevia or honey. Or was it apple? I don't remember. Anyhow that was sipped up during breaks from dance.

I got home around 9 and ate an uncounted amount of chipotle Triscuts topped with cashew and almond cheeze (pulp leftover from making milk plus spices and a touch of olive oil). Damn that was good. Well a salty pseudo-dinner-more-like-large-late-night-snack called for some dessert. Garrison declared that he was craving Guinness and peanut butter.

At the same time?

I wish I had a working camera so that I could have photographed what followed this. I was up for dessert too. Not like I hadn't eaten enough sugar during the workday but nonetheless, I'm easily convinced and very innovative.

Hershey bar. Split down the center. Spread peanut butter on one half. Place the other half on top. Take a bite. Close eyes and utter low, satisfied noises.

Now for the Guinness. Those who know me are aware that one beer is enough to make me unable to drive and I still had to go home for the evening so we split a can. The half-beer sized glasses were in the dish washer so we used a different beverage receptacle: champagne flutes. Yes, people who read this person who reads this, I drank Guinness out of a champagne flute. It was terribly classy, I wish I had a picture :(

  • 7am morning smoothie: almond milk, blueberries, greens chia seeds.
  • Mid morning snack attack: fresh blueberries, a nectarine, one banana.
  • Lunch: Jar salad with extra dressing this time and a clementine. 
  • Post lunch dessert craving caving: 2 small peanut butter cups, a little york peppermint patty AND a small Carvel Resse's Pieces Sundae (shoot me now).
  • I've also been popping fresh blueberries (probably not organic) in my mouth whenever I cross through the kitchen.
The meal plan for tonight is eggplant parmesan battered with whole wheat breadcrumbs over whole wheat farfalle topped with my tomato sauce that has been steeping all day with red wine and other goodies.

I think I'm also going to attempt to make a whole wheat chocolate cake sweetened with applesauce. Or maybe I should attempt to play with my bread maker. We'll see how ambitious I get.

Monday, June 18, 2012


I  facking sahk.

"But Juli, that negative self talk is not helping you. Cut it out!"

Yes, I know but really now.

I went over to Garrison's office on my lunch hour because this thing called Mobile Market was going to be set up out there--something advertised as "Farm-Fresh Food delivered to your workplace!" or something like that. As we're walking, he says, "This better not be underwhelming." And it was. It was just your basic grocery store selection of imported fruits and vegetables from warmer US states and Mexico splayed out on the length of a table. None of it was organic. Thank you, goodbye!

Before I went over there, I had eaten maybe 1/4 of my Pinterest inspired jar salads which I just didn't make juicy enough. I was light on toppings and dressing because I thought 2 tablespoons of dressing was too much so I decided to try just one tablespoon. I didn't buy red onion or tomatoes. I didn't feel like peeling and dicing carrots last night and the only pepper I bought at the store was an organic green pepper because it's on the cheap end of the organic peppers (since I found out about peppers on the dirty dozen, I just can't justify paying money to pump pesticides into my bloodstream). Since I already topped my salad with broccoli and celery, I couldn't bring myself to put MORE green on my bed of greens (too monotone) I just sliced some peppery cheese on top for a liiiiiiitle color.The result? One boring non-juicy not exciting salad that I didn't finish.

Coming back from the uneventful mobile market thingy, I was craving fried chicken from the bottom of my stomach. I wanted deep friend chicken tendons I could dip in gooey ranch or honey mustard. I WANTED IT!! I didn't get it though. I got 2 small snack size chicken salad wraps on a whole wheat tortilla (probably not 100%) from Tim Horton's. The chicken salad wasn't mayo based which seemed odd. But it tasted a little like Ceasar dressing. I think it had red peppers and a nice big green lettuce leaf. Well see how that worked out? Might as well have gotten the damn sweet bell peppers with bug-killing chemicals and eaten my whole salad than consume something from a fast food restaurant doused in soybean oil! Sigh. I ate both. They weren't bad. Honestly I'd rather have that than something from taco bell in a white tortilla.

It gets worse.

I then proceeded to spend the boring part of my afternoon popping peanut M&M's into my mouth whenever the urge hit to sneak into Dan's office. And when I got bored with that I switched to the fruity life savers that someone stuck on my desk in candy dishes. Sigh. My job makes me fat.

I'm going to dance class tonight. I plan on maybe shoving the rest of the greens into my mouth while I drive and slurping a defrosted avocado smoothie right beforehand.


This will be incredibly boring unless you're a food voyeur like me.

I gotta log what I eat. When I don't, I'm no good at figuring out when it's okay for me to have a treat. So here goes.


8ish- Breakfast
Raw almond milk, frozen blueberries, baby red leaf lettuce and chia seeds. Blend. Slurp. Yummm!

10am: Natural PB and polaner fruit spread sandwich on Wegmans 100% whole wheat. Not a perfect meal because the Polaner has a few additives and so does the store bought bread. But hey. I was starving and needed something before we hit the road.

When I visit Garrison's family I ALWAYS get fatigued and a little moody.  I'm still trying to figure out if the what throws me off when I visit is the fact that I drink their ion treated water or if it's just the sum of environmental factors and mostly processed food. For example, his mom will cook meals complete with fresh veggies but it seems like a visit isn't a visit (to them at least) without a breakfast of Bisquick waffles or pancakes and bacon. Lucky for me, the maple syrup there is real.  But I know I do feel very different when I visit the (hopefully future) in-law so I was nervous about going this weekend because my prior week's eating wasn't exactly ideal. I did my best to combat it. 

1pm: Lunch at the Moseley's
 The offerings were sandwiches with deli turkey, ham or roast beef and deli cheeses on sandwich rolls or store-bought multigrain bread. After my lack of positive response to any of this, I was offered a salad! YAY! The spring mix was organic but probably not the other vegetable toppings. I had carrot, pepper, avocado and...uhhh... I don't remember. I topped it with balsamic vinegar. Then I started eating Tostitos "natural" blue corn chips with organic salsa. I don't think I'll ever be able to give up corn chips. Lisa at 100 Days of Real Food doesn't recommend tortilla chips at all since they're deep fried, usually in a highly processed oil. This one had only 3 ingredients: Whole organic blue corn, expeller-pressed sunflower oil and sea salt. I didn't think that sounded too bad. At least it wasn't canola oil! I think I ate a little past the feeling of being sated but I felt good for the rest of the afternoon.

Probably 7pm
We out to this totally swanky small plates style restaurant with my boyfriend and his family. Garrison's uncle Frank, the wine connoisseur ordered us a total of FIVE bottles between the 7 of us. The wine kept flowing all night long and I ate WAY too much food. I barely remember everything I ate but I loved every delicious morsel.


7:30am- Black coffee and some water--probably not enough.

10:30am- Brunch.
I was starving before we ate but I survived on coffee. I might have popped a few salted peanuts in my mouth while cooking. Garrison and I decided to force our choices on the family so we went out the night before to purchase whole wheat flour for the waffles we made Sunday morning. We topped them with pure maple syrup, butter, and bananas. Ah yes, there was also bacon. I ate past the sated feeling but only by a little. The advantage was not really being hungry two hours later.

I felt really energetic after. It was nice. I helped Garrison power wash his car. But then around 2pm I hit a slump and all I wanted to do was SLEEP. So I took about a half hour nap which felt more like 3 hours.

3:45pm- Early Dinner
New York bacon wrapped sirloin, an ear of yellow corn and about 1/4 cup of cooked organic quinoa with diced carrots and peppers. I definitely stopped when I was full but what was to follow sort of cancelled out the benefit of such.

Dessert: frozen bananas processed with cocoa, natural peanut butter, a splash of milk and a bit of chocolate temptation. Gosh...probably 3/4 cups worth of this "ice cream." It was delish. I ate till my bowl was empty.

So since all the eating was over by 5pm  I figured starting my nightly fast would be good but I was up for a snack by the time we returned from Wegmans at 10pm. As I was doing the dishes, Garrison was feeding me chipotle triscuts topped with isreali feta cheese. I don't know how many I had, maybe five. But after that I was thirsty because that particular cheese is super salty. More so on top of a triscut! Then I went on to prepare my week's worth of jarred salad complete with organic celery, some left over broccoli, homemade greek dressing, local habanero and jalapeno cheese and organic spring mix. After chopping my celery, I made pesto from the leaves with garlic and some cashew and almond pulp. Spread some over a rye cracker. OH YUMMERIFICA! That was it though. Bedtime happened around 11:30. I was not a happy camper in the morning.


7am- Breakfast; Almond milk smoothie with chia seeds, greens, blueberries and peaches.

9:30am-Snack; A ripe banana. I was dying to grab the sausage egg mcmuffin that was left on the kitchen counter at work but I talked myself out of it for 3 reasons 1)It's highly processed and I was a very bad girl last week, 2) It was cool so I would have had to reheat it and 3) Elaine put it there and I don't like Elaine. So I ate the banana and dealt with the rest of my hunger by trying to stay busy and drinking filtered water.