Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Post-Cleanse update

Since coming off the Master Cleanse, I've made a few changes in my diet and in my lifestyle. There are certain things I eat a lot less of but haven't cut completely- hey, no one's perfect!

Foods I've been avoiding (translation: have done well in not eating until I just can't take it anymore):
  1. Dairy: Low-fat varieties have dangerous ingredients added and full-fat versions are said to trigger acid reflux. Conventional dairy products have synthetic hormones (as if I don't have enough hormones myself already) and all milk products, even organic, are said to increase mucous production and cause inflammation.
  2. Citrus Fruits and tomatoes: Solely because of their acid content.
  3. Meats: I'm cutting down on meats significantly but not going completely vegetarian. Stanley Burroughs suggests that too much meat will cause ulcers. Meat also takes longer to digest which means it stays in the stomach longer. Meals that stay in the stomach too long can worsen acid reflux. 
  4. Spicy food: This is a tough one because I love peppers and wasabi. I managed to avoided my beloved Frank's Red Hot for a few days but I've since indulged.
I've also introduced some wonderful new habits in my lifestyle to help both with heartburn and with weight loss.
  1. I've been eating less.  My appetite has decreased! The first week off the cleanse I got full SO FAST at mealtime! It hasn't really grown back into what it was and that is very good. I've been able to note when I feel full and I stop eating right when I get that indicator...usually. When I was a kid, I was told to "make a happy plate" by eating everything that had been served so it's tough for me now to listen to my own body's "I'm done" signals. This becomes a problem especially when there's only 3 BITES TO GO and I'm full. When something tastes amazing, it's so hard to let those 3 bites go! I'm still working on this one but in general, my stomach hasn't been able to contain as much food as before.
  2. I've been walking at least 20 minutes per day. I've scheduled a workout routine that requires me to "squeeze in" my exercise rather than carving out a long block of time. There's a treadmill as well as some light hand weights in the basement where I live and there's also a small workout room where I in the office building that has a treadmill and a total gym-type weight machine. My plan is to do at least eight 30-minute workouts per week. I missed a few last week but I'm back on track this week. I love it - I get a great calorie burn, I feel more energetic and since I'm using my muscles, I STAY WARM when I go out in the cold.
  3. Snacking on raw fruits, making meals more plant based: My mid-morning snack is usually an apple and I'm full through lunch. I've been packing more vegetables (raw and cooked) into lunch and dinner to fill in the meatless gaps. Results are tasty! Coming soon: new vegetable per week challenge.
  4. Stop eating before bed: Good for sleep and discourages acid reflux.
  5. Water, water, water: I've been upping my H20 intake for better hydration and cleansing. In the morning I'll drink a glass of water with an ounce of aloe juice to help heal my esophageal sphincter. Aloe hosts a ton of other benefits too, like boosting the immune system.
  6. MOST IMPORTANTLY-- NO SWEETS AT WORK: I won't lie. I had a truffle yesterday. The other day I had some peanut m&m's. But this resolution comes from what I've learned at OA--that not taking the first bite of your personal binge trigger is imperative. If I'm bored at work, thinking about things that upset me, I could dive straight into the cookies or donuts with no least not until later. If I REALLY want to maintain my weight and lose more, I can't have that first bite. I told myself that if I didn't have sweets at work, I could have what may be offered at fellowship on Tuesday. It's nicer to share treats with company rather than alone at my desk.
Stay tuned because I'll be starting a couple series. I'm going to do an experiment with Pineapple and I'm going to track my gym-less fitness endeavors!