Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A pineapple for me

But just one over the course of 4 days and counting.

I had grand plans of finding myself a nice fresh pineapple every day, chopping it to bits and eating the whole thing for breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the day. To a lot of people that may seem far fetched. To me it sounded fun! I know I need more raw fruits in my life, why not start there? The whole idea is because it's chock full of the digestive enzyme Bromelain and that's supposed to help my with my acid reflux battles.

I started hacking away at this thing Saturday and it was easier that I thought! The eating, however, not so much. Don't get me wrong, it was sweet and delicious. But my tongue wanted to jump out of my body because it was overcome with tang even just after eating one fourth of this thing!

Oh yeah...and even though it has a digestive enzyme, the acid in the pineapple was no bueno with my reflux. There is no rest for me.

Stupidbowl Sunday rolled along and I did something naughty. I took an antacid because I'm having an affair with bufflalo chicken dip. I ate brownies. I ate chips and chilli. I ate way too much food. But then I danced in the basement with the teenagers playing Wii. I'm quite young at heart.

Since Saturday the Pineapple leftovers have been making their way into my snacks and meals but I take it with other foods so it's not so harsh on my LES. I may cave in and just buy the bromelain chew tablets. Le sigh.

It's becoming very disappointing attempting this heartburn diet. All the foods I love make some form of acid so they have to basically wait until I'm healed. I think in order to give my body a little reprieve, I will allow a small amount of refined sugar in my diet just so I'm not saddycakes all day long.

Coffee has to go too. You have no idea how difficult that will be but since I haven't been able to cure it while still sipping my black magic juice, it's gonna go.

So I'm just gonna wrap up in my blankie and cry now. Bye.