Friday, June 22, 2012

Stew Beef... rather chewy. But I didn't tell you that yesterday because I was in a funk. Now I have to outline Wednesday night, all day yesterday and today so far.


For dinner, we grilled skewered onion, yellow zucchini, crimini mushrooms, organic green pepper, and organic grass-fed stew beef cubes served over organic quinoa. I was proud of myself for stopping the moment I realized I was full but then a couple hours later I was hungry again. Damn grains.

So around 9:45pm Garrison and I shared half a Hershey bar and peanut butter sandwich.


My breakfast smoothie was a little over 8oz almond milk, 1/2 a banana, a few frozen peach slices, a small handful of greens, and a tablespoon of chia seeds. As I poured it into the glass I got really nervous because it only was half as full as yesterday (insert glass-half-full joke). So I supplemented breakfast with a toasted (homemade) whole wheat waffle spread with crunchy natural peanut butter I ate that first because it tasted good with my coffee. Before I could finish my smoothie, I was FULL! Like nearly stuffed! But I kept slurping because I knew a full stomach now meant I'd be more resistant to the snacks at work.

Let me tell you...there was a flippin' buffet when I arrived. Muffins, donuts and warm white Italian bread. I didn't touch a thing...

...well not till lunch when I caved in and sliced some butter topped bread to go with my salad. Three slices. The Real Food Police have a warrant out for my arrest. But at least I stayed away from the more sugary options for the rest of the day. I almost grabbed a strawberry. I could tell me looking at them and knowing they were purchased at Wegmans that these were locally grown strawberries but not organic. They were definitely all small and shriveled. I did not eat it.

But 4:50pm was nectarine time.

5:30 Dinner- Black Bean Huevos Rancheros.

I heated a little bit of coconut oil in the cast iron skillet (coconut oil is supposed to do better with high heat so I'm trying to convince my wonderful boyfriend to switch to coconut instead of olive oil when we use the high-heat retentiveness of cast iron). I had soaked then boiled dried black beans. I added chopped sweet onion, organic green pepper, minced garlic AND a minced habanero pepper! These little buggers are small but mighty! After sauteing my vegetation a little all of a sudden my eyes started watering and I was COUGHING! Through the trauma I managed to add a cup of the beans. I felt like I was breathing straight up pepper gas. The fan was cranked up but we were still dying in the kitchen! I got so nervous we'd eat this and be breathing fire the rest of the night.

I whisked up 3 eggs (only one of which was cage-free, organic) with a splash of cow's milk (boo. I mean moo) and poured that into the skillet. This was when Garrison decided to join the cooking party (he was working on something before) to flip the egg mass.

This fearful mixture was wrapped up in a ChiChi's "whole wheat" tortilla whose ingredient list is longer than my hair...but what can I do? I tried making 100% whole wheat tortillas before and the results were not ideal. Oh yes, and they were topped with taco cheese.

My next endeavor will be getting Garrison away from yellow and shredded cheeses because of the artificial coloring and wood pulp additives. It's fun for him to shred block cheese anyhow.

I ate two of these without turning into a dragon, thank God! I was definitely sated by the end of the meal and I did not get hungry again that night until about 11pm when I was lying in bed unable to sleep. Ugh.


7am Black coffee and a smoothie: 10ish oz of almond milk, 1 tablespoon of chia seeds, a WHOLE banana this time, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, about 8 leaves of various greens, a dash of stevia, and maybe a couple tablespoons of cocoa powder (I didn't measure). It filled my glass AND me all the way up!

Oy, that was long.

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  1. I get nervous when my smoothies aren't big enough- the whole point of me making them is to save me time and fill me up quick (and yea, they taste good.) But if I have to back to the fridge before lunch, that's annoying lol