Saturday, June 23, 2012


Friday lunch didn't happen till about 3:30pm at a cafe called Jo-li-me setup very much like Panera but owned by a local who also has an ice cream shop, a bar/restaurant and big ass greenhouse. I ordered a Bella Basil sandwich with portabellas, roasted peppers, a little mayo and the tomatoes and onions from Garrisons sandwich. Weird though... it didn't have any basil on it. It came with a nectarine. Oh. And. I....had a rootbeer too. It had been a long day. Either way, I was full after finishing my soft drink and half my sandwich so I bagged the rest to go.About an hour later I was hungry for the rest of it so I chowed down. Dang those fizzy drinks!

Then what happened....

Oh I was left my myself watching Hulu. I was going to go to bed at 9pm but....I ate dinner instead. Left over whole wheat farfalle with celery pesto, the remains of Wednesday's skewer and a pit of parmesan cheese. Ah and maybe like 1/4 glass of wine!

Then I proceeded to embark on the very odd journey of dehydrating almond pulp in a 170 degree oven which took like TWO FLIPPIN HOURS! It was well after midnight when I ended up in bed.


Now I just pulled a pan out of the oven in which are the brownies that I just made this morning with said almond pulp. It shall be part of my breakfast :) I made it with egg and butter so it makes my day not vegan but I can at least aim for a vegetarian day.

12:45pm Haven't had anything besides, water, coffee and 8 square inches of these almond brownies whose texture I'm not a fan of...but the fact that they only have 2 tbsp of honey in them makes me feel pretty good.
I'm about to work out so I'm going to eat a my left over nectarine from yesterday.

1:30pm WORST WORKOUT EVER! I hate my gym and I'm quitting. I know they recommend eating right after you finish a workout but I'm just not hungry. I'm working on making sure I don't eat when I'm not hungry so I'm not gonna eat.

1/2 cup of quinoa
some chopped carrots and celery
some black beans
some apple butter bbq sauce which probably has more sugar than I'd like to admit. But I do like barbeque sauce!! Maybe I'll try to make some without sugar sometime. Actually I just looked at the ingredient list and it has butter, eggs, and anchovies. So this day was not vegetarian.

5pm: I was still hungry after my late lunch but I didn't really do anything about until 5 when the hunger cranked up a lot. I was looking at tacos on Pinterest and I REALLY wanted a taco. I wasn't about to wolf down some crazy amount of meat and cheese though so I got creative.

I took my quinoa that was in the fridge and threw it in my liiiittle saute pan with some coconut oil, garlic, chilli powder and chipotle powder. To juice it up, I added a few drops of my veggie broth to the pan. I wrapped my quinoa taco "meat" in a terrible ChiChi's whole wheat tortilla (which is vegan but also HIGHLY processed) along with some avocado, sweet onion and shredded organic greens.

I had two quinoa tacos and that kept me full for the rest of the night. I had about 2/3 of a beer when Garrison returned and sneaked a few nibbles of almond brownie while he sampled them and then had one bite of a home made whole wheat tortilla after I made it.

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