Sunday, June 24, 2012


I'm sick of store bought tortillas. The "whole wheat" ones we get are ChiChi's brand and aren't 100% and have a loooooong list of ingredients that I have a tough time pronouncing.

Wegmans does have a store brand 100% whole wheat tortilla which is nice...but it's "burrito style" so it's gargantuan! I don't want to make burritos at home- just tacos and fajitas. Plus it's really tough to wrap up. Oh, and it has a ton of ingredients, some of which sound too scientific for my liking.

I am not about to give up eating tacos. Before you tell me to just wrap it with a leaf of iceberg lettuce, let me tell you--that is certainly no substitute for the comfort of a soft flour tortilla wrapped around warm, delicious well-seasoned filling. No offense to raw foodists intended.

I've attempted to make whole wheat tortillas before. I combined the dough ingredients in a food processor, formed balls, covered  and "rested" my balls, rolled them out and THEN cooked them on a skillet one side at a time. Too many steps for me. Don't get me wrong, I love cooking and baking, especially making dinner! But when it comes to staples like tortillas, I wanted a simple recipe, a short amount of prep time, and to not have to get out the rolling pin and flour my counter, get it all sticky and then have to clean for an hour.

I couldn't find anything that fit that description so I did what rational person who can't find a satisfactory recipe would do. I came up with my own.

Garrison has a Cuisinart Griddler. This thing is comes with a set of Teflon plates. One side is flat for pancakes, the other side has ridges for making panini's or indoor pseudo-grilling. You can also buy waffle plates! I like playing with this a multifunctional and space saving kitchen appliance.  I decided  to test it out as a tortilla maker.

Here's what I did:
1 and 3/4 cups whole wheat flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp olive oil
2 cups of water PLUS some extra to get a really thin batter

I headed the griddle to 450.
After spraying with evoo, I poured tortilla batter onto the bottom.
The oil on the top plate didn't go anywhere so I'm under the impression that the top plate never really touched the top of the tortilla so not much "pressing" happened. Once the green temp light came back on I took my tortilla off.

After a few rounds I stopped using the non stick spray. The result was fewer bubbles on the underside.

They aren't really like tortillas. They're more like pancakes. I think next time I'll leave the baking powder out and maybe make the batter even thinner plus leave the non stick spray in the cabinet. The flavor is definitely plain. I know tortillas aren't meant to be eaten alone but maybe I'll add honey next time for flavor and preservative benefits.Oh and they're still moist. I should have left them on the griddler longer to dehydrate them some. I don't want moldy homemade flatcakes in my fridge! I hate it when I let food go bad, especially homemade food. Sadness.

They seem to wrap really well though! I might try to use them as breakfast crepes this morning or eat more quinoa tacos with Garrison for lunch.

QUESTION: What are your easiest homemade staples? Or do you enjoy taking your delicious sweet time in home cooking and baking?


  1. We made tortillas once too- too involved. I prefer romaine lettuce substitutes myself haha

  2. I knew you'd say that, Stefania!!