Monday, June 25, 2012


Sundaes on Sunday. But not for me!!

10am or something: Blueberries, peaches and pb and J wrapped inside pour-tillas rewarmed on the griddler. 1 blueberry, 1/2 peach with maple, 1/2 a pb and j.

I woke up and the pourtillas not dry. I figured if I didn't want moldy flatbreads in my fridge, we ought to eat these things as so as possible. So we pretended they were crepes.

12pm: Uhhhh a few nibbles of my whole wheat vegan brownies (I think). I definitely did not have lunch.

2pm: After Fellowship there was an ice cream buffet. I was asked to bring brownies. I'm like YES! Two things I can actually eat. So I made two varieties of honey sweetened brownies; gluten free (with eggs and butter), and whole wheat with coconut oil and a chia egg. Ohhhh delish! I had been prepping myself for this for a good 5 days so I entered with a firm resolve to only eat my whole wheat brownies and my organic strawberries. There were peanuts there too so I nabbed some of those. Everything else was sugar or high fructose corn syrup laden. I figured I just work too damn hard to blow it all on a damn ice cream bar when I haven't even had lunch. And even if it meant my waistline wouldn't suffer, I'm sure my sugar frenzy would have put me in a bad mood later.

Well...I was, kind of. Because someone was getting on my nerves and I never do well when that person is around. But if I had sugar loaded beforehand, I'm sure it would have been worse.

So anyhow.

Uhhh 6:10pm? Some chilli pepper triscuts (4 I think) with nut cheeze.
 I was starving but we were going out to dinner with friends so I had to have something to tide me over. I was hangry until they brought the food out at...

7pm: A "black and bleu" burger complete with bleu cheese and bacon topped with onions and tomato on a fresh baked white bun beside fresh cut fries and a pile of pickles and peppers from the toppings bar (at Zebb's). None of this food was according to my guidelines but we were at a burger specialty place. If I had gotten a salad, I would have been disappointed and jealous of my burger eating friends. I had already spent my food-jealousy earlier at the ice cream social so I had enough and I got a damn burger. I did not get a beer, though! See? Balance. I had a beer the night before.

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  1. Hi Juli!
    Sorry to comment on your blog but I didn't see a link to your email, and I noticed you wrote a question on my blog and I didn't receive a notification of it. :(

    You asked about the food at the whitetail. Can you shoot me an email, I can tell you all about my experience at the whitetail. Thanks. -Kirk