Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Hump Day

Last night I made my eggplant parm but it wasn't vegan this time as I used egg for dredging. It worked soooo much better!

I had maybe a total of 3/4 ww farfalle topped with 2 eggplant disks dredged in whole wheat flour, egg, and then whole wheat bread crumbs then baked in the oven (I skipped the deep frying). Then I topped it with about a half cup of sauce I made from a can of organic crushed tomatoes and non organic seasonings. A glass of wine was served with dinner :) I was not stuffed when I took my last bite. YAY! So I wasn't hungry later...but I wanted food. WTF? I had to empty the almond pulp out my mesh strainer because I had needed it for my veggie broth.In the process of doing so, I dipped a triscut in to see how it would taste. Too grainy. Not enough flavor. So that ended that. I had another ounce (maybe) of red wine and went to bed.


7:20- Smoothie with more enhancements. I usually use 8oz but I had about 10oz left so I dumped that in. I usually just sprinkle a touch of chia seeds. This time I measured a whole tablespoon and threw that in along with one banana, 3 tablespoons of natural peanut butter and perhaps 8-10 baby leaves of whatever is in my mix. IT WAS DELICIOUS! So thick and jelly from all the chia seeds and the greens blended with the room temp banana so much better than it does with frozen fruit. It's about a quarter till 9 and I'm still sated. I'm hoping that the giant smoothie staves off irrational mid morning hunger that drives me to eat some glaring members of the dirty dozen sitting on the kitchen tables.

I made it until Lunch! Wahooo!!
I didn't snack at all nor was I tempted to until about 11:45am so I knew I just needed to hold out another 15 minutes for lunch.

Lunch was eggplant parm leftovers with two slices breaded eggplant. I stopped eating when I was sated, not full. But now I'm sitting at my desk and I feel full. This tells me I could stand to eat less. And slower. 

Tonight's dinner plan is organic grass fed beef skewers with onion and an organic green pepper. I picked up the beef from Wegmans when it was marked down for quick sale and froze it.

I have a class I'm going to tonight and I'm not sure if there will be food or snacks but if there are, I'm staying away from the table. If there are just drinks, I might have some brewed tea but it's so hot here I probably won't want to.


  1. I am getting used to the jelly consistency of chia, so I don't often make pudding from it, but I sneak them into smoothies.I think they are kinda fun dry sprinkled into salad :). Tiny crunchy bits.

  2. Chia pudding is on my list of things to make!! I'll have to try putting them on my salad too. Thanks for the idea.