Monday, June 18, 2012


I  facking sahk.

"But Juli, that negative self talk is not helping you. Cut it out!"

Yes, I know but really now.

I went over to Garrison's office on my lunch hour because this thing called Mobile Market was going to be set up out there--something advertised as "Farm-Fresh Food delivered to your workplace!" or something like that. As we're walking, he says, "This better not be underwhelming." And it was. It was just your basic grocery store selection of imported fruits and vegetables from warmer US states and Mexico splayed out on the length of a table. None of it was organic. Thank you, goodbye!

Before I went over there, I had eaten maybe 1/4 of my Pinterest inspired jar salads which I just didn't make juicy enough. I was light on toppings and dressing because I thought 2 tablespoons of dressing was too much so I decided to try just one tablespoon. I didn't buy red onion or tomatoes. I didn't feel like peeling and dicing carrots last night and the only pepper I bought at the store was an organic green pepper because it's on the cheap end of the organic peppers (since I found out about peppers on the dirty dozen, I just can't justify paying money to pump pesticides into my bloodstream). Since I already topped my salad with broccoli and celery, I couldn't bring myself to put MORE green on my bed of greens (too monotone) I just sliced some peppery cheese on top for a liiiiiiitle color.The result? One boring non-juicy not exciting salad that I didn't finish.

Coming back from the uneventful mobile market thingy, I was craving fried chicken from the bottom of my stomach. I wanted deep friend chicken tendons I could dip in gooey ranch or honey mustard. I WANTED IT!! I didn't get it though. I got 2 small snack size chicken salad wraps on a whole wheat tortilla (probably not 100%) from Tim Horton's. The chicken salad wasn't mayo based which seemed odd. But it tasted a little like Ceasar dressing. I think it had red peppers and a nice big green lettuce leaf. Well see how that worked out? Might as well have gotten the damn sweet bell peppers with bug-killing chemicals and eaten my whole salad than consume something from a fast food restaurant doused in soybean oil! Sigh. I ate both. They weren't bad. Honestly I'd rather have that than something from taco bell in a white tortilla.

It gets worse.

I then proceeded to spend the boring part of my afternoon popping peanut M&M's into my mouth whenever the urge hit to sneak into Dan's office. And when I got bored with that I switched to the fruity life savers that someone stuck on my desk in candy dishes. Sigh. My job makes me fat.

I'm going to dance class tonight. I plan on maybe shoving the rest of the greens into my mouth while I drive and slurping a defrosted avocado smoothie right beforehand.

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