Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Master Cleanse Day 3 & 4

The past couple of days have been going well. Since I'm lumping the days together I'm just going to describe what has been going on as the thoughts come to me.

  • There are a few moments where I get a little woozy and have a hard time focusing. I've experienced my mind sort of going out the window and forgetting what just happened. I don't remember having that my first cleanse. 
  • I drank my senna Sunday night and Monday morning. I had all my eliminations within an hour. I took the SWF Monday night and all the eliminations were done in one hour. BUT I took senna the next morning and I didn't eliminate until about 5pm. Then after that, I had them almost all night, until about 11pm. WTF?
  • When I cleansed last year I didn't work out or dance. I went to modern class last night and had no trouble whatsoever. In fact, I was more flexible! My cleanse will extend through next Wednesday so I'll have taken another class as well as have taught six classes (3 on Wednesday).
  • I don't pass things as quick as other people. This concerns me.
  • I've generally been feeling well. The only time I was like "this sucks" was yesterday when it felt like there was no end to my eliminations. I didn't feel crappy, I was just tired of going to the bathroom. 
  • I've determined that I need to eat my "healthy" food when I dine out and I need to make my "junk" food at home. If I get a salad at a restaurant there might be sugar, soybean oil and pesticides but at least I'll be getting my veggies. If I make fries in my kitchen, they'll be tossed in olive oil and baked.
  • I feel the need to forgive co workers I don't like and to try and make nice with them. What? 

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