Sunday, January 6, 2013

Master Cleanse Day 1 and Day 2


I drank my senna tea Friday night and woke up Saturday morning as it began to work.

I was waiting until I had the place to myself because I had planned to do the salt water flush in the morning before any lemonade. I started to feel fuzzy and my caffeine withdrawal headache was in full force so at around 10am I made myself a drink. I had another a little bit before noon because the weak feeling was not going away. And then I think I had another shortly thereafter...I'm not sure...maybe I was just thinking about it.

Soon, I found myself sitting on the floor in the bathroom with my head hanging over the toilet bowl. How could this be? I cleansed last year in February and did not have such an adverse reaction. I've been eating mostly organic since then so this can't mean my body is more toxic!

Anyhow, from about 2pm until 10pm, I could not keep anything down, not even a sip of water. After thinking about why on earth this is happening, I brought up to my fiancee that maybe I'm more toxic this year because I've been on lots of asthma medication. Then we recalled that since I was getting ready for the cleanse, I discontinued my heartburn medication. It would make sense that if this medication inhibited my stomach's production of acid, that it's possible that it may have compensated by making more. And all that strong acid was just sitting there in my stomach without any food to digest. This explains the very burning, painful vomiting of the contents of my empty stomach.

Needless to say, Day 1 was awful. I'm not so sure I should even call it Day 1 because all the lemonade I had was purged and I took a couple doses of pepto in order to finally neutralize my stomach acid so that I could stop throwing it up.

On the morning of Day 2, I still felt very weak as I hadn't had any sustenance in the last 36 hours. But after some coaxing, I managed to down two glasses of lemonade. Then I finally felt like a functioning human being. I was able to -somewhat foggily- lead our fellowship meeting with smiling and singing. Afterward though, during a conversation I started helplessly crying for no reason! Mind you this is Sunday morning and I hadn't taken my herbal laxative since Friday night, nor done the SWF so my body's only way to expel toxins was through my tongue, sweat or maybe my tear glands? I don't know. Either way, my routine was turned upside down and I basically spent half of the previous in bed or puking.

The rest of today has been great- only a few moments of feeling weak or fuzzy. And lemonade definitely made those go away. There were some more challenging moments, however. We were offered both a free lunch AND a free dinner today which we regretfully turned down. It also didn't help that we passed by a new sushi joint up the road.

You truly do not realize how much food is such a prominent focus in life until you stop eating! Food is often used in comparison to non-food related things! Food can easily be the subject of conversation with just about anyone.

I think I remember it getting easier with time, so we'll see how it goes. Drinking senna tonight and hoping to feel different I've flushed away some toxins in the morning!

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