Friday, January 11, 2013

Master Cleanse Days 5 & 6

Thanks to blogging, I was able to recall the happenings of last year's cleanse. Days 5 and 6 last time were problem days for me, I felt tired and a little sick. This time around, I felt fine!

I'm not going to lie, this cleanse is not ALL fun and games. The sitting on the toilet part and the feelings that go with it are very frustrating moments. However, I  didn't have many stretches of time where I felt like crap this time around. I've been happy and energetic!

I was a little mentally foggy the last couple of days. I had to try harder to keep myself focused in order to get through the work day. Other than that, I've had no issues.

Here's my big qualm though: according to the scale, I have not lost any weight! I'm stuck at 140, which for a 5'2" woman, that is overweight. I am overweight.

But how can this be? I feel slimmer, I fit into my clothes better, my stomach looks flatter and my waist looks smaller and when I gaze down at my thighs, they don't protrude as much as the did before. "It's just because you lost water weight." Well, water weight is weight isn't it? So why haven't I lost any? If the scale is inaccurate, I guess that could explain it. And if it is, I bet this has been the cause of my discouragement since it makes me feel fat when I see an unchanging number on the scale despite my many efforts.

Maybe this is it for me, this is the body I was destined to have. Not skinny, not obese, just overweight by a little bit.

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