Friday, March 2, 2012

Master Cleanse Day 6

I'm lumping yesterday's details today in just a general...this sucks. Moderately.
I traded the SWF for the herbal laxative because I somehow remembered the tea being a little gentler. My memory must be failing me. I was in and out of the bathroom from 10am till about 3:30pm. I felt like I was dying. The cramps had subsided but the fatigue was still present. Oh I forgot to mention that even though I chose to do this cleanse mainly for health reasons, I was encouraged at the sight of a little bit of weight loss but now I can kiss that thought goodbye because I'm retaining all my womanly water this week. Great. My appetite is also increasing as it usually does on my period so I've been having more lemonade more frequently. They say the more lemonade you drink the better but because weight loss is moving up to a more priority-ish goal from the cleanse, I'm getting frustrated.
Also, I crunched a few numbers and determined it's costing me $5 more than food per day to cleanse. After I learned this, I'm thinking...uhhh...we don't REALLY need organic lemons...and is there any place I can get Grade B maple syrup for less than $40 per half gallon? Well there is. Mother Earth Foods, $33. Cha-ching! Sort of. It's still really expensive to clean out your system. But I guess a $60 10 day cleanse is a bit better than a crazy doctor bill.
Anyhow, I felt infinitely better once I had my final bathroom trip in the afternoon, just in time for the workday to be nearly over.
I think tomorrow I'm may try to get up at some insane hour so I can get everything out before I go to work.

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