Friday, March 2, 2012

Master Cleanse Day 5

I'm trying to remember what it was like. It was very much like today. Feeling really tired and sorta sick. Tom Woloshyn describes problem days as "healing crises." If you're hitting a rough patch during the cleanse you're likely in the middle of getting rid of some serious toxins and bad things hanging out in your body. This is when some people give up because they can't take it anymore. But you really have to move through it because your body has started a process and wants to finish it. If you cut it short, you might get sick after coming off the cleanse.
Yesterday I skipped my morning laxative for a smoother work day and I didn't have to deal with uncomfortable back and forth bathroom trips (well I still peed a lot so I was going back and forth a good deal). I was also full swing on my period so I was dying. My energy was low, I felt like crap and I had cramps that I couldn't squelch with pills! On a day like this before the cleanse I would have given myself permission to eat whatever I wanted to soothe myself of the discomfort of having my monthly visitor. I couldn't indulge in chocolate or attend to the mountain of fresh bagels sitting on the break room table (NEXT TO HOME MADE BANANA BREAD) but I could find other ways of self-soothing.
I had taken out $5 cash at Wegmans the previous day when I bought lemons because I wanted to get some sea salt from the dollar store (which accepts only cash or check). Well my dollar store visit on Day 5 did not yield any sea salt. But the benefit about shopping at the dollar store is that, well, EVERYTHING is a dollar! So you can get 3 things for 3 dollars and effectively reduce stress via retail therapy without breaking the bank. No, you don't get the highest of quality from the dollar store but who needs your dish towel to be high quality? I mean seriously. That's one thing where quantity matters more.
I digress. But what ultimately happened is I learned how to self-soothe without food!
After I got back from work I hit up the shower and headed to the gym to sit in the hot tub. It was recommended that you use a sauna or something to sweat toxins out of your body. Hot tub...sauna...whatever. I gave some of my achey muscles a jet massage then dizzily stumbled out and back to take my SWF (hell) watch Glee, read a book and pass out.

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