Friday, March 2, 2012

Ease Out Day 3

According the THE BOOK, Day 3 is the last day for a guided food plan. I was supposed to have had fresh OJ for breakfast. Veggie soup for lunch and quinoa, salad and steamed veggies for dinner. Whatever.
I woke up starving so instead of toughing out the time it would take me cook some eggs (I was out of oranges) I took the last few sips of my protein drink from yesterday. Then about 15 minutes later I had one slice of 100% whole wheat toast with Schmucker's natural peanut butter on top.
I got to work and I was TIRED. I'm unsure whether I should credit this to my short night of sleep (at least 6 hours I think) or the lack of nutrition. Or perhaps my body is mad at me because I still had more toxins to flush out and I needed to stay on the cleanse longer. I'm not going back into it. I'm sorry but I like cooking. I like eating. I love to have fellowship over food and drinks with friends. I'll do it again just not now.
How I felt was similar to how I feel when I wait too long in the morning before drinking coffee. I was tempted to have a cup all morning. I figure why should I do that to myself when I've gotten this far? Plus if what I have is caffeine withdrawal how come it's kicking in now after 12 days of not having any? I resisted.
At 11am I was going a little dizzy so I had a rye cracker. Delicious but so loud! That held me over till noon when I heated up last night vegetable soup and had that with 2 rye crackers onto which I spread a thin layer of plain cream cheese. Yes, dairy is not in the plan for today but I'm DYING I need sustenance. I'm sure I'll be fine. I haven't thrown up yet.
It's 3:42 and I'm starting to get a "need to eat" headache. I think I'm justified in having a nibble.

Okay, so that didn't go as well as planned! Yikes! All of a sudden I had this gassy pain and I ended up in the bathroom for about 10 minutes, uh, eliminating quite a lot of what looked like orange pulp. It just kept coming out! I couldn't believe my body would hold onto so much!

It didn't end there either. I went to Garrison's and felt a little more pain that sent me to the toilet for another 10 minutes. Ok I know most people go to the bathroom for this amount of time to, well, do their business. But I don't. I'm quick. In and out, no sitting or waiting, reading or pushing for me. It's the least appealing thing I could do. I would much rather wait until I absolutely HAVE to go and then make my way to the throne. But anyhow, I felt sick. I was in there for a while and what I smelled was very similar to what I smelled during the cleanse: lemon and cayenne pepper. Could my body have held onto that for this long? I'm so confused!

Since ending the cleanse and returning to food, I have been so much more tired. Especially after eating a meal, even a light one. We had a salad with chicken, olives, blue cheese and lots of vegetables on top. I elected to use red wine vinegar as my dressing instead of Greek as Garrison used. Usually after eating such a salad, I feel sated and no longer hungry. But after finishing the salad last night, I felt FULL. Crawled into bed and stayed there until the alarm went off.


  1. Aw Juli, I know that feeling! I have done cleanses before, and they never worked out for me. My latest approach has proven the most successful for me. Hoping you find what works for you :)

  2. Son of a poop, I'm so new to this crap. How can I enable comment replies?