Friday, March 2, 2012

Ease Out Day 2

Yeah...I'm definitely not following these guidelines to a T.
I started the morning off with about 12oz of orange juice and brought my veggie broth to work with me. At about 10am I was feeling out of sorts so I had half a grapefruit with maple syrup drizzled over top. OH YUM. I'd notice every now and again I start doing something and my mind or body wasn't sharp so I'd have another snack.
Before I went off to lunch, I ate an orange as fast as I could because I had to go to the store to pick some stuff up. After about 40mins, that wore off. I thought about what my friend told me. She said that the dizziness is a lack of iron. BINGO! Of course, I just came off my period so I'm low on iron. I'm a woman. That's why Garrison isn't dizzy and I am.
I got a protein shake. Ok, that was, like, the most deliberation I've ever done over a drink ever. I picked up the vanilla chai one because it's DELICIOUS! But I'm looking at the ingredients and I see "cane sugar" no go. I put it back. I pick up a few others that don't have sugar but I can't stop thinking about that chai. I WANT IT! I look again to see if it specifies that it's unprocessed cane sugar that hasn't been bleached and all that horrible stuff. No specifications. Well, what if it's lower on the ingredient list? Nope. It's second, right after soy milk. I look at other drinks again to see if I can find one with a remarkable iron content.
The Mango smoothie has 25% iron. I don't waaaaaaaaant mmmmmmmmanngoooo mooom! I want CHAI!
I'm giving up sugar. I'm giving up sugar. I'm giving up sugar.
What do I do? Do I go for it anyway and say "Eff it, I'm gonna answer my taste buds when they're calling out for chai." Nope. I picked up the mango. I wasn't disappointed either because it was tasty. I also procured some baby greens (iron), broccoli (more iron), and rye crackers as per suggestion of Mr. Book Writer. By the time I'm in front of the crackers deciding what I want, I feel my brain just kinda slipping off to the unknown. Time to pick one and GO.
I've never had a rye wafer before. They don't look tasty at all. But let me tell you, when you haven't anything crunchy in over a week, they are HEAVEN. Especially alongside home made vegetable broth. What makes the broth taste better is that it was practically free to make.
I get back to my desk at work and I've already had like 3 of these rye crackers. I left them out on my desk because I didn't want them in the fridge or the drawer because I'd forget to bring them home. So what did I do? I nibbled. That's a bad work habit!!! That's how I ended up with excess pounds! This is not good....what do I do? At 3pm, time for a cracker. At 345pm, time for a cracker with banana spread on top. Oh my gosh, bananas taste amazing! This one was sweet and almost had notes of honey! I was pleased.
I'm thinking, this can't be good. I was supposed to have done this cleanse to break old habits and recognize when my hunger is legit and when it's bogus. But I get so damn bored at work!
Later on for dinner (when it was supposed to have been our first time back on solid food (oops) we had veggie soup, rye crackers and.... ... ... ... MEATBALLS. Yes. Veal, pork and beef meatballs for dinner on day 2 off the cleanse. You're not supposed to have meat for a good long while but I wanted to see if my body could handle it and see if we could be ready for the Beer dinner Thursday night. Well I just took tiny bites and between the two of us, we only ate 5, dipping them in a bit of apple bbq sauce. SOO TASTY. I didn't have anything weird for my stomach but my appetite was, of course, smaller than usual and I knew I wouldn't be ready for a 6 course dinner AND beer anytime soon.
So we called it. As I was watching the food commercials in between the bachelor, I got a little grumbly but I resisted because another unspoken vow of mine was to NEVER eat after dinner. Not even occasionally as I had. So I went to bed on an empty stomach and my body thanked me for it :)

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