Friday, March 2, 2012

Ease Out Day 1

Yesterday was the first day off the cleanse. I celebrated my 5 pound weight loss by wearing a pair of pants that I haven't been able to squeeze in for a few months.
Tom Woloshyn's book instructed me to drink nothing but fresh squeezed orange juice the first and second day off the cleanse and then vegetable soup the second evening.
So I grabbed an 8lb bag of Florida organges from Wegmans in preparation thinking "This will get us through two days of juicing." HAH!
Guess how many oranges it takes to get a standard glass of orange juice. Just guess. TWO AND A HALF!
After I made my breakfast drink and squeezed another 24 ounces to take with me to work in a water bottle, there were 5 oranges left. Enough for Garrison to have 28oz for the entire day! I picked up another 8lb bag (it's a good thing Wegmans put a $4.99 price freeze on these!) and brought it back thinking it could get us through the rest of the day and into Day 2. Not so. We were out by 7:30 this morning.
So while I was at Wegmans I bought, like, THE BEST bottled orange juice you'll ever find because they squeeze it right in the store with this crazy powerfull juice press that annihaltes the entire orange, not peeled or sliced, and makes it into the most delicious drops of heaven you'll ever drink. This OJ was our saving grace through Way Disciple. We couldn't drink alcoholic beverages for the 6 months while we were on the program but when we discovered this orange juice we found that it brought on a surge of euphoria that far surpassed any buzz you could get from a vodka tonic.
As I arrived back at the office, I felt a little dizzy so I just drank more orange juice and I felt better. Then at about 3:30, I felt dizzy and weak. Hmmm, strange. I never felt dizzy, weak, malnourished or anything while on the cleanse so I was confused. I drank more orange juice--the whole pint I had just bought. Still felt dizzy.
I'm thinking what should I do? Should I try and eat something? I just ran out of orange juice so I'm at a loss for what to do. At work there are fruit bowls on the kitchen tables. Maybe I should have an orange. So I start peeling the sucker and it's  SO HARD! It's as if I've never peeled a citrus fruit before. I'm peeling and peeling and the pith is stayin on the orange. Ugh. All I want is to pop a piece of this thing in my mouth!
When I finally break the sections loose, immediately, without thinking about it, without taking a ceremonious moment to think TAH DAH! My first morsel of solid food since Friday February 17th at 9:30pm, I place it onto my tongue and start chewing.
Chewing? I haven't done this in so long! It feels foreign. I have to move my tongue within my mouth to get the food pieces to my teeth so they can do the orange juicing for me. How strange. Well I'm starting to feel a touch better and I get in the car to drive. Thank goodness I was with it enough to get to Garrison's apartment to juice some more oranges. This time I added a drizzle of maple syrup to see if it'd give me some sustenance. It did. But my body told me to feed it some more.
As per Dee's suggesting I fixed up some of my vegetable broth from my BROTH BAG!!! I'll have to write a separate post about my broth bag since I didn't take photos this time. But it's cool. Let me tell you.
After sipping on that a bit, I felt fine for a few hours. I went to bed hungry but I feel like that's a good habit for me to get into. Now I'm looking forward to introducing more solid (ish) foods on  Day 2!!!

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