Friday, March 2, 2012

Master Cleanse Day 10!!

I made it!!! Well almost. As I'm beginning to write this it's 9pm.
Today at work I did fine. Energetic, upbeat, getting my tasks done. I made my way through the kitchen resisting the urge to grab something off the tables. It was so much more easy knowing I only have one more day of this.
I just finished the final eliminations from my SWF which was...uh...a little more dramatic this time? I didn't feel sick like I did yesterday but I definitely camped out in the bathroom a lot longer than I had in previous days. The results do I say this and still maintain my air of mystery? Let's just say the eliminations were sudden and forceful but by the end came out basically clear and lighter in color than the rest of the week.
Moving along...
I definitely recommend this process to anyone who is willing to learn the details in depth and invest this time, energy, willpower and, sadly, money into discovering better health. I certainly couldn't coach anyone through it. But I could definitely cheer you on!! I think we all make unhealthy choices and the cleanse is a nice way of reversing those, taking them out of the body. Erasing the slate so you can start anew. And then you can return to your old habits if you want but who wants to go back to a mud puddle right after taking a shower?
This is a whole lot different than I had expected. Good different. I've gained much more than I thought I would.
The end for now.

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