Saturday, March 3, 2012

Getting Back to "Normal"

As you could say. Normal is relative. Normal isn't always good and it isn't always bad. Normal is just...what you're used to. And since I took 10 to ingest nothing but liquids, there really isn't a normal for me right now.

I'm not going back to eating the way I used to, that's for dang sure. I think I've done a pretty good job at proving so the last couple of days. Yesterday at work, the managers had a meeting at Noon so since they couldn't go out to lunch, they had it brought in. Guess what it was? PIZZA!

Oh, and salad. Gotta have something remotely healthy right? Not so much. Yes this salad is tasty-- the antipasto salad from Paladinos. It has all the bells and whistles; olives, salami, pepperonicinis, a delectable Italian dressing all over... ... ... iceberg lettuce. BARF! If it makes you feel virtuous to nosh on tasteless, nutritionless leaves covered with fatty toppings, be my guest. I'll admit, that is one circumstance in which I will eat iceberg lettuce-- what can I say? I'm a wanna be Italian!

Pizza wouldn't be so terrible if it was baked on a whole wheat crust and made with cheese that was a little more pungent so you could us less and topped with vegetables to take the glycemic index down. But alas, even though some of these pies had veggies on them, the cheese was probably dripping with oil and the crust, I betcha, white as a paper towel.

They put the leftovers in the fridge in the kitchen. When my 2pm snack attack hit me, I had such a hard time!! When I went in the fridge to get something I got a whiff freshly baked dough and garlic! How much more fragrance does one need to survive? I wanted a piece. I wanted one so bad!

I had plans to have friends over for drinks and dessert that night. I had my heart set on making Key Lime Pie from our left over limes from the cleanse. There was no way I could have pizza today and still feel good about myself that night while I noshed on pie, chips and dip whilst the wine and drinks kept flowing. I restrained. I was SO PROUD of myself!

Then this morning I went to a benefit event for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. There was coffee, donuts, popcorn, cotton candy and food galore! I wasn't hungry so I didn't eat anything. Well isn't that principle number one? If I was hungry, there were some apples and little things of yogurt. I find that healthy options are usually available but just in smaller quantities. And you have to look real close.

So all of the little dancers are helping themselves to donuts and cotton candy and collecting free ice cream coupons from Burger King and I say...well...good for them. They're young. Their metabolisms are racing. They should enjoy. I just had no desire for sugar whatsoever. It was free but who wants free fat and disease? Not I. Not anymore. It's a lot easier to resist eating free junk food when I just got off of 10 days of eating nothing!

During the cleanse I thought "I can't have that  food or I will not get the benefits I'm looking forward to." The benefits of the cleanse were immediate. Nothing has changed since I went off the cleanse--I can't have that junk food or I will not get the benefits I'm looking forward to! The only difference is that these benefits are long term.

Last night, yes, I indulged a little. Ok, a little more than a little. Two margaritas, a glass of wine, a slice of pie, a chocolate chip cookie and countless dippings of chips in salsa or the bacon ranch yumminess Deb brought over (AND THEN LEFT HERE, THE SNEAK!).

But I know today is my day to compensate. I'm going to the gym later on and then having taco salad for dinner with Amber. I'll bring my pie so it can be disposed of.

Oh but I had honey nut cheerios with whole milk for breakfast :/ When options are limited, you do what you have to. At least they're whole grain.

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