Monday, February 27, 2012

Food Journal November 29 2011

7:30am-- 1 cup of home made plain yogurt with 1/2 cup of granola made with honey and dehydrated raspberries. 12oz of black coffee. 1 Dark chocolate Lindt truffle.
My Feelings: I like to eat chocolate when I make a really good cup of french press coffee okay? No, actually I didn't feel very guilty about it. Chocolate with my coffee in the morning is an unparalleled pleasure I'll gladly compensate for. Yogurt and granola is a longtime favorite breakfast choice of mine. I have been improving the healthiness of this meal by seeing where they sneak in all that extra sugar and circumventing it. Hence the home made yogurt coming about. It is made with 2 parts half and half and 6 parts whole milk. BUT IT'S DELISH! And I don't mind the extra fat calories especially because they come with extra nutrients you wouldn't find in skim milk.
That's enough.
12pm: SALAD OF DEATH. Well not really. This was maybe a cup and a half of spinach and red romaine leaves topped with sliced sweet peppers, carrots, grilled chicken and Wegmans' pepperoni cheese (it's not processed and I wanted to go for something more pungent so I wouldn't need lot of cheese), olive oil, balsmic vinegar, salt, pepper, dried basil.
My Feelings: It was delish! By the time I was done, I wasn't really sated but I figured I'd wait a few minutes to see if the satisfied feeling would set in. I then proceeded to the workout room. Walked on the treadmill 20 minutes and did one set of 15 reps of 3 different resistance exercises. Stretched. Sat down. GOD I'M HUNGRY.
Like 130 pm: An ounce or 6-7 piece of Skinny Cow chocolate caramel clusters.
My Thoughts: Have dollar, see vending machine, notice "skinny cow" bag of chocolate thingies. Decide to purchase. Eat. Moderately yummy. Read label. These things aren't really that healthy. Sugar instead of corn syrup which is nice. But still. The only reason they're "skinny" is because it's one of those 200 calorie packs. Bleh.
3pm ish: Thin-style whole wheat bagel toasted with 3tbsp of veggie cream cheese.
Thoughts: I couldn't take it! My job has fruit bowls in our break room but biting into a cold apple sounded like the worst possible thing I could do plus I knew I needed protein and didn't want to spike my blood sugar with pure fruit. So I dug this thing out of the freezer. I felt better after that and I felt like I made a good decision but it left me RAVENOUS at about 4pm.
4pm: I start sneaking off to the kitchen and grabbing pepperoni cheese off the top of my salad for the rest of the week. I couldn't have eaten a whole ounce.
Thoughts: I didn't really feel guilty, I just knew my body needed protein and the cheese tastes great.
5:20pm: More little bites of cheesy things. 2 fresh cranberries.
Thoughts: My boyfriend and I are waiting to hear back from our friend before we start cooking so we don't end up making too little or too much. I'm like weak in the knees and ravenous so I help myself to my cheese snacks. Then once I start popping cranberries I magically no longer feel the need to snack.
6:15: 3/4 cup of brown rice topped with chicken curry cooked with our home made yogurt!
Thoughts: Delish! I'm doing better with my portion/mind control. I could tell when I was full and passed the plate over to my boyfriend. I think this is a healthy meal.
10pm:a microwave-made brownie topped with mudpie ice cream.
Thoughts: ZOMG we need FOOD. I'm like ugghhh have rice-hunger (know what I'm talking about?). Garrison really wants ice cream and I'm thinking JESUS PLEASE NO JUNK FOOD! But then I remember this you tube video about making a brownie in the microwave and all self control went out the window. 15 minutes later (because we had to wait for them to cool off) I'm on the couch diving into this somewhat (and I say somewhat because the brownie really isn't too fantastic) decadent dessert just shoveling it into my mouth because I'm so DAMN hungry! I'm secretly condemning myself for this. I really need to stash more healthy snack food in Garrison's kitchen so when the munchies hit, I'm prepared. ***I refer to myself because apparently he can handle more junk than I can. This makes me resentful. Since we've started dating a year ago and began eating nearly every meal together, he has lost about 20lbs and I've gained about 10. THIS. SUCKS.
End of day. Oh shoot I forgot my beverages. Tomorrow.

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