Monday, February 27, 2012

This. Sucks.

I went to what's called a charter school in 6th grade for its first (and I think only) year in existence. The whole premise was the government would give a charter to a group that wanted to have a private school to give a less traditional education. Out of 60-70 kids, I was one of 10 Caucasians. No standardized tests classrooms with different grades. We had "gym" class once or twice a week...but no gym. My history teacher then doubled as the gym teacher because he had been in the Army.
I loved his passion for what he taught which was basically nothing but African History all year over and over hoping all the kids would get it. After taking the test the 4th time, I kept getting 100%. When my mom pulled me out after the 3rd quarter, he said "you're taking away my best student!"
Anyhow, Mr.... uhh, I forget...would load us all up in a bus and take us to the YMCA and we'd get to use since our "school" didn't have a gym. Of course being a dahncer and the artsty type I hated all the drills he lead us in. I don't remember everything we did but I remember doing push ups. He would shout out "UUHHP!" and we would do our best to push up and hold it until he shouted "DOWN!"
Now, I don't mean to pigeonhole here, but this was an inner city school. Not a public inner city school, but still a school in the inner city. My classmates weren't raised quite as conservatively as I was to say the least. Being around such a bold, vocal crowd, I gained a bit of an attitude, I became more outspoken, I slowly peeled back layers I had that kept me from speaking my mind. My mother saw this as a bad thing. To me, this was so liberating!
So as my history/gym teacher was shouting out his push up drills, "UHHP!" I'd grunt "This," and as he yelled "DOWN!" I mumbled, "Sucks." Soon my class mates joined me in a chorus of "This. Sucks." as we pushed up and down.
I hated push ups back then and I pretty much still hate them now. But over the years, I've learned that the benefits outweigh the discomfort. And really, I've found that's how most of weight loss begins; you start off going "This. Sucks." but exerting the effort gets easier as you build strength. Then once you start seeing big results, your willingness to do unpleasant activities increases.

I'm not gonna fuss with some blogspot nonsense but I do need a partially public outlet for this shit.
I've read so many health blogs that are full of "you can do it!" and all these saccharine encouragements that a better me is just a sunny jog and a serving of vegetables away. All this "you have to love yourself first" bullcrap just makes me wanna bend over and throw up. I have no desire to develop bulimia so I have a couple options here:
1) Not take anybody's advice and stay fat.
2) Take the damn advice and hate it for a little while yet see results after I stop hating it.
So I'm going to go for number 2 since I really do want to see results. HERE GOES!
Advice: Keep a food journal to record everything you eat drink.
This. Sucks. I don't have a smart phone so it's not like I can carry this damn thing everywhere. Sure I could go get a little purse sized notebook for this purpose but I don't have time to go to the dollar store except on my lunch break and that's when I sneak into the the little workout room and get my 30 minutes of exercise. If I don't work out on my lunch break when am I going to? I can't afford a gym membership and even if I did when would I go?? Before work? Hell no, I can barely pry myself out of bed in the morning! After work? When I come home from work I'm STARVING. Then once I get some cozy pants on, I'm like IN for the night.
What was I talking about? Oh, keeping a food journal. Ok so I've done it before and it has helped me but that was when I was at home all day during the summer. I just don't find it practical to tote something around and write what I eat directly after I eat it.
I know I should just do it, but I might adapt it just a tad just so that I do it. Even if I'm not doing it right, I gotta do it.

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