Sunday, January 13, 2013

Master Cleanse Day 8

After talking it over with Garrison, we've decided that our cleanse will go through Wednesday, which makes my cleanse 12 days and his 11 since he started the day after me. The reason is because I didn't do so well on Day 1 of my ease-out when we did this last year. On Wednesday nights I teach dance so if we went together to the end of his 10 days, I'd have my ease out day 1 on Wednesday. No good. We both want to do the minimum of 10 cleansing days and we want to be on the same schedule with returning to "normal" food. Another plus was that day 1 for me was not really cleansing so much as barfing and sleeping so an extra 2 won't hurt.

Won't hurt my flesh, that is.

Because it kind of hurts to keep resisting the temptations of food all around.

Even before we had made contact with society on Saturday, I was dreaming up all the wonderful things I could be eating today but cannnot.

I thought of how amazing buffalo chicken dip is. I thought of Tostito's scoops. I thought of spooning wing dip into their pockets, topping them with bleu cheese and baking them for a delicious Wing Dip Bite; all the goodness of eating chicken wing dip in one bite. This concept is kind of like the French Onion Soup Bites we had at this very amazing restaurant a few times. It's a big crouton soaked in soup, topped with cheese and baked on a spoon. All the goodness of French Onion Soup in one fleeting bite.


We went to the (s)mall. We needed to go to Sears to buy Garrison a tool cabinet for his garage. The mall bathrooms were all in the Food Court. This is torture. The salad bar could be seen from the Ruby Tuesday's window. The  Chinese food in the display case. The pizza on their stands. Hell, even Arby's sounded good. Subway. I could taste the food in the air. I never walked through the fiery hallways of hell to get to the toilet before. Now I have.

Later as I laid with my dear one on the floor I randomly said "buffalo chicken bites."

"Are you whispering sweet nothings in my ear?"

That was it. We keep whispering an entire week's worth of food back and forth moaning and longing for one delicious tasty morsel.

Do we notice a pattern here? While on this cleanse I keep craving processed food because craptastic unhealthy food sounds amazing when you've only ingested 3 different liquids in the past week.

In other news, my tongue is still white but it's getting pinker. Eliminations aren't much clearer though. As  type this it is the morning of day 9 and I just drank my SWF. Waiting for it to do its thing.

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