Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 3 of Real(ish) Food

Breakfast was the usual: black coffee, homemade yogurt, homemade granola.

For my mid morning snack I'm noshing on my 2nd (huge) slice of whole gran bread. I think it's from Panera. If it is, I'm certain it isn't 100% whole wheat/grain. But I used to LIVE on this stuff when I worked at Panera and it's delicious! Toasted and buttered and I'm over the moon :)

OKAY so if I'm doing the real food thing 100% I can't have this but it's so nutty and flavorful! Too bad they didn't make it half white whole wheat. I would think that would accomplish their goal of less dense, more light and fluffy bread yet still retain the healthiness. Oh well.

Kate walked in after going for a butter run (yay we have butter now!) but she was also carrying 2 boxes of baked goods or donuts. They were out by the time I got to inspect what was in the boxes. PHEW! I didn't have to withstand temptation for oil and sugar soaked empty carbs.

But I had some Panera half-whole-half-white bread :(

Now I'm ashamed to tell you what happened with the remainder of the day; it turned out to be a very FAKE food day.

Well 12pm rolled around but I was still full on the toast. At work we had a visitor so the people in meetings with him had lunch provided; chicken wings and antipasto salad (iceberg lettuce drenched in oil, basically). Well the leftovers were brought out about 10 minutes before my lunch hour was over so I ... well...ate the wings and "salad."

Oy. At least it tided me over until the end of the day (give or take sneaking an olive now and again) but by the time Garrison picked me up from work, I was HANGRY! He was too. It didn't help that our task then was to go home and cook a dish to bring for our fellowship dinner we were having. I threw together some pasta with garlic, red pepper, olive oil and parmesan and some green beans sauteed in a touch off butter and fresh minced garlic.

I popped a cookie ball in my mouth before the prep began. These were the cookie dough balls I made Wednesday night with nuts, oats and maple syrup. YUM! Real food (except for the chocolate chips).

I think it was 7:15 before we actually ate. I had aforementioned grains and veggies along with 3 farmers market pierogies. The pierogies were white flour (fake) filled with spinach and ricotta (I think), garlic smashed potatoes, and buffalo chicken. What delayed the start of dinner was the peeling, dicing and sauteing of some turkey kielbasa Chris brought. I had already planned on not eating meat that night but I REALLY got dead set on not having any when I saw Amber get out the bag of brown sugar.

At first I thought oh okay she's just adding a dash-- that might be okay. UM THEN she started scooping the sugar into the pan by the ladle! After I thought she was done I stepped into the other room. Then I looked over my shoulder and she was still dumping more on!!!! I was appalled! A good 2 cups of sugar made it onto 4 cups of diced sausage.

I did end up having a couple bites. My pasta dish was spicy so someone suggested throwing the meat ontop and eating them together for the sweet and spicy combo. I tried a morsel. It was actually okay but that kielbasa was way too sweet for my taste.

After dinner, little plates were dished out with store-bought raspberry danish slices and chocolate chip cookies. Chris, Amber, Garrison and Kat dug in right away. I was at my spot waiting for Joe to join the table and take a bite. I wanted to see how long I could wait. I do love chocolate chip cookies. Finally Joe took a bit so I picked up my cookie and nibbled. Garrison ate my danish slice (plus 2 more from the pan) after I finished my cookie, I needed 3 more.


What a terrible day of (mostly not) real food.

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