Tuesday, April 24, 2012

10 Days of Real(ish) Food

I have no desire to be a vegetarian, vegan or become a raw foodist or do the paleo diet thing. But I've been gleaning a wealth of knowledge on the benefits of each theory. I love my raw cookie dough balls and some of the awesome desserts I've made using unrefined sugars. I've long since switched to whole grains and learned to eat yogurt and drink coffee without sugar but the blogosphere has helped me push myself to the next level.

But now...here's the problem. I love a lot of the authors' philosophies, especially the ones who say that you shouldn't deprive yourself of chocolate or whatever you crave but that you should indulge mindfully and with moderation.

I became really into the raw foodists and their desserts but they make me feel SO BAD for not being a vegan. I love my homemade yogurt, eggs, chicken and the occasional steak. I just wanted to find a blog or philosophy to follow that would allow me to heat things, use meat, dairy and eggs but be free of refined sugars and honest about which "health" product was actually going to be good for me.

Then...one procrastinating day...pinterest guided me to REAL FOOD! The blog 100 Days of Real Food, to be exact. I have to say that this is the happy medium I've been looking for!

Ok so "Real Food" huh? As opposed to imaginary food like at the feast/food fight the lost boys had in the move Hook? Basically food that is it is most whole form and hasn't undergone a lot of unhealthy processing like hydrogenation of oils or stripping the brand, germ and endosperm off of wheat before it gets milled.

Why is this hard? Because the food industry is just that, an industry. They want to make money off of the fact that people want to eat so anything to increase profit (like increasing shelf life) is done to our food when all of us poor innocent Americans JUST want to eat!

I'm not as good of a writer as these other people.

On this nice lady's blog, there's a pledge you can take to do 10 days of Real Food and you'll get a wristband when you complete it. I want to sign up but I'm just not ready. I have weddings coming up in May and I have a freezer stocked up with quality, yet not specifically non-HMO, Organic, grass-fed, local chicken, turkey and pork.

BUT! For the next 10 days I'm going to track my food consumption to the best of my ability and evaluate its Real Food content. I'm hoping to gain at least some of the benefits. I'll start with yesterday.

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