Friday, March 2, 2012

Master Cleanse Day 8

I don't know, I guess you could call this a "problem" day.
I didn't get much sleep so I was sort of off. I woke up around 6 to start laundry and get ready for the day. Garrison figured on past timings that if I took my herbal laxative (which he calls poop tea) at 8am I wouldn't find myself sitting on the porcelain throne till about 2pm. Cool. So that's what I did and I made it through the class just fine. I had to pee a bunch but nothing else.
But when we arrived at Garrison's apartment about 12:30pm, I headed straight to the head and was indisposed TILL about 2pm. Boo.
After that we went to Wegmans for more lemons. I had a headache and severe fatigue so I followed that with an hour and a half nap! I'm currently just coming to, drinking my SWF and gonna head over to Karen's in a few to watch a movie. Hopefully get to cuddle with some felines too.
I don't know if today was a healing crisis or if I was just tired from going to bed late and waking up early the last few days. Either way, I'm SO looking forward to being done. I miss food so bad.
My friend JoAnna was describing how she broiled her fish to me today. I was dying.

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