Friday, March 2, 2012

Master Cleanse Day 3

I'm actually halfway into day 3 so this will log yesterday and today.
Yesterday was a tad wonky till the end of the day. I had the Smooth Move tea in the morning but nothing happened until around 11:30am. Garrison and I went suit shopping with a friend. We were fortunate to find Grade B maple syrup in the health food store that was conveniently next to the suit shop!
Then we agreed to go to Wegmans (the most wonderful grocery store I have ever stepped foot in, for those of you who don't know). We got some more lemons then really started to fade as our friend Amber who was there for "a few things" wandered the store a little too aimless for my tastes.Well she wasn't THAT aimless, we were just tired and needed another lemonade.
After that we went to his apartment and continued reading. In the middle of one of the chapters, I decided it was naptime and passed out. When I woke up we finished reading the instructions including how and when to take the laxatives. Around 7:15 I drank the salt water flush. A whooole quart of warm sea salty water. Oh goodness. It didn't kick in for about 45 minutes. Then I spent the next hour running from watching Glee on hulu to the bathroom and back and forth. After that, it's like something just awakened and I've been full of energy and very mentally sharp ever since!
I waited until I got to work to drink the tea again but nothing has happened so far. They recommend doing the salt water flush in the morning and the tea at night but I have to say drinking the salt water in the evening was more convenient then having to run away from my desk at work multiple times per hour.
I took a maple-lemon concentrate with me in a coffee travel cup. It works out well. Just equal parts lemon juice and maple. Scoop out four tablespoons, plop in a glass, add the cayenne and water, stir and enjoy! I do love the taste of the concoction!
I'll be going to Target on my lunch break to exchange a sweater. Maybe I'll find a mechanical juicer while I'm there.

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