Monday, May 21, 2012

If at first you don't succeed... are indeed a human being.


Tracking helps me. I hate tracking. But since it helps me I might as well do it.

Before I get into it, I've already started to get crap from people who I don't see everyday (I've already experienced the daily teasing from coworkers who see me with my vegan lunches) about my "Hippie ass eating habits." So Sunday when I started to not hear the end of it, I ordered a burger. Eh, I wanted one anyhow. I mean we were at Red Robin where burgers are their specialty. It's nice to have an express route to iron fulfillment so beef was what was for dinner. I subbed out a "whole grain" bun (highly unlikely that it was 100%) and got a side salad with oil and vinegar. 

I don't let this teasing bother me too much. I'm not at all insecure about eating the way I do especially since I know the direct benefits of doing so. What does get annoying is the persistence and regularity of these remarks. I can understand people who wish they had the willpower to eat healthy meals on a regular basis may feel like poking fun at someone who does. But is it so bad that they need to say something every day?

Moving on, I had a total dry spell this weekend and I mean that literally. I could not stay hydrated! I was thirsty just about all weekend so I sucked down water constantly and for some reason didn't eliminate much of it. It was kind of annoying...feeling like a withered flower all day long but on the upside, it set me up for today very well.

I decided snacking is the devil and I need to stop cold turkey. The French don't snack and they are thin. Mechanical Engineer Boyfriend (let's call him MEB) and I eat the same food for at least 2 meals together pretty much every day. He gorges himself on big portions of ice cream and cake when the occasion presents itself and has a much more relaxed attitude about processed food than I do. He is sexy skinny and I'm...well...not there yet. The difference between us? He has such a busy job he doesn't have time to snack at work. I'm bored all day and work at a company where donuts and bagels are presented once or twice a week and fruit bowls are always sitting out in the kitchen. Snacking has to go.

This morning I had a cup of black coffee followed by a soy milk smoothie with black berries, chia seeds and spinach. I ran the blender until the spinach seemed shredded and incorporated but the result was a REALLY seedy smoothie! It was like...chomping on small beads. Not very pleasant. I moved onto making MEB's smoothie with cow's milk, fewer berries and skipped the chia seeds so his wouldn't be as grainy. Well it was still a little seedy and tasted more like berry flavored milk with a "vegetably" taste as he described it after I told him I snuck some spinach in there. Booooo...Never using black berries in a smoothie ever again :)

I felt hungry about an hour and 20 minutes later at work. SERIOUSLY? But since I'm never snacking again (we'll see how long it lasts, okay?)  I decided to drink some water. Lots of water. At least 5 12oz stemmed beer glasses (I work for a funny company) full of water. Didn't eliminate any until an hour later. Dehydration, yay!

For lunch this week I prepared some pinterest-inspired jar salads with homemade greek dressing on the bottom. Yummeroni! I was surprised how many greens and toppings I could fit into a reused 16oz peanut butter jar!

I was full by the end of the meal but the lingering notes of vinegar and olive on my tongue told me otherwise. I expected this so ate a tangerine to cleanse the palate and tell my taste buds the salad meal was OVER.

I had a real strong chocolate craving hit me HARD upside the head at 3pm. I'm combating it with vegetable broth in a cup. What? I was going to hold out but I figured I should have some sort of nourishment before 5:30pm when I'm attempting to make dinner. Don't want to pass out into my white bean Alfredo with broccoli over organic 100% whole wheat linguine do I? No, no I don't.

I plan on having dessert in some form this evening. I need dessert.

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  1. Sometimes certain foods are better at hydrating than plain old water. Watermelon and cucumbers are two of the best. The fiber and vitamins in them helps the water assimilate better into your body.

    And that white bean alfredo- is it dairy free? Please share the recipe? :)