Friday, March 2, 2012

Master Cleanse Day 4

Well today is Day 5 and I'm writing about Day 4 so I think we're officially on the...right?...track. Whatever.
So yesterday wasn't rough per se but I had some unexpected stuff happen. I took the salt water flush (SWF from here forward) in the morning at about 6:40 and finished drinking it at 7am. In the book it says it can take anywhere from a half hour to 1 and 1/2 hours for anything to happen. For me it was more like an hour. Then they say it's about an hour of eliminations (not all at once) but you'll be fine for the rest of the day. Well for me it was more like 3 and a half hours. It was terrible. I didn't exactly make it once. Word to the wise, don't fart if you're cleansing.
The rest of the day I was fine. I had lots of energy and I was really upbeat. I noticed my face looking slimmer and my clothes feeling looser. I got my hair cut on my lunch. My stylish was great, she might want to come to fellowship this week. Oh and I love my hair :)
After work, I watched the bachelor and just relaxed. It's good they don't give full on shots of the food they're eating, I wouldn't have been able to handle it. The commercials had food in them though. Not cool.
Oh I forgot to mention that there were Zebbs chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen this afternoon. Zebbs. Cookies. Are. Amazing. I took a whiff. They weren't warm and aromatic. That kind of made me feel better about not getting to eat one. I don't know what I'm gonna do when I come off the cleanse. I have internally vowed to give up white flour and white sugar but it won't be easy. I know how bad it is for my body but it's SO TASTY! And I'm not always going to have the time to make my own, ya know?
I went back to my place around 930pm to start my laundry and make my herbal laxative tea. While I was making it Tracy decided she wanted tea too so we chatting in the kitchen while sipping our evening brew. Women talking with other women is a very good thing. I think talks like that meet both our needs. It's not that Garrison has a problem with listening to me but there's something about talking with a woman that feels better than talking with a man, especially if it's just general observations of life. It must meet a big need for her too. I can tell her husband just wants to zone out after a long day of working. I'd like to make an effort to come home earlier at night more often to make sure the talks don't run me too late into the the night!
Even though I feel thinner, the scale isn't showing me much below my beginning weight. But-- I figure that's because my period just started last night. I'm all bloated. It's odd because before I started the cleanse, weight loss was not my main focus. I knew I just wanted to allow my body to get rid of all the crap trapped inside of it and allow it to heal itself. Now that I'm on it though, and noticing a little bit of weight coming off, I'm really excited/anxious about the weight loss bonus that comes with this. I'm also of the understanding that when you do something like this, it's not like the weight stays off forever. But I read an article by a guy who conjectured that the weight would slowly come back on if you reverted to old eating habits. But if you take this opportunity to reshape what you've done in the past, you can keep off the pounds you lost. The cleanse then has served as a kick start to make you feel good about your body and the journey you'll be taking it on. Makes sense to me.
The herbal laxative kicked in around 6:45. The scary part was Garrison's previous evening's tea went into effect the same time mine did and he has a one bathroom apartment!! So we were nervous for a bit but there weren't any accidents, thank God. What I find interesting about that is that he took his about an hour and a half after me in the evening. My system must work slower than his. In the book, that's an indication of hosting a parasite. Eeeeek!
He took his SWF but I didn't do anything because it took SO LONG yesterday to get it all out! I'm just going to wait till I come back tonight and so I'm conveniently near a bathroom for 4 consecutive hours.
The combination of my cramps and the fact that today marks 5 days since I've had a meal is pretty challenging. I felt a little like I was sick until I had my 2nd lemonade. Now I'm better but still crampy and no allowance to ease myself with ibuprofen! I'm glad that we decided on doing more than the 4 days originally planned because I can definitely tell I have more detoxing to do.
Some people get sick if they cut their cleanse short. I don't want to do that. I'm also thinking of ways to incorporate detoxifying foods into my everyday diet. I know it won't be a full on cleanse but I'd like to think that I'm flushing myself on a regular basis. I'm very likely to repeat this thing.

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